Sunday, January 1, 2012


The girls and I hope 2012 is indeed a happy new year. They would like more treats- scratch grains, greens, pasta, corn, oatmeal.....and an expansion of their run please. Harriet would appreciate it if the mean girl, Fanny, would leave her the heck alone.

Kitty and Elinor have backed off picking on her but Fanny hasn't seen the light...not sure why poor Harriet is the target of choice but I run interference when I can and make sure I give her extra treats. She knows I'm a safe place because when I'm outside she's always close by so I can block any aggressor.

I'm making my one resolution: to keep a daily log of their egg production. In the last two weeks Emma/Harriet/Lydia (only two of them but I'm not sure which one other than Emma) have started laying after an almost three month break, so I'll have more than brown eggs to record. It's nice to have green in amongst the brown in the egg bowl. Now I can start supplying granny again- first delivery today.

It's not a resolution, but I'm gonna try to post weekly. If I can just stay off pinterest.......

Hard to get all 6 in a shot- Fanny is off stage-right

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