Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anticipating an empty nest....

My baby boy will be heading up the mountain for college come August. He is our only child and is so eager to get out into the world. Before he was born when we talked about what we wanted for our baby it wasn't about how they would look or what profession they would have (I was holding out hope that even though I was convinced I was having a boy it could still be a girl)- we wanted to raise a person who was confident, compassionate, curious, funny, had common sense and a will to learn. We got what we wanted in Ian and no matter how many people told us it would go by fast who knew 18 years would seem so much less. I am not ready to let him go but that doesn't matter, he's going. It is as it should be despite how much I wish it otherwise.

I sat outside all morning, reading and listening to the girls filling up their nest(s). Sometimes there will be eggs in all three nesting boxes, but usually they only use the top two. I have found 6 in one nest but its usually 2 in one and 3 or 4 in another. Sometimes all the brown eggs are in one and the green eggs in the other. The middle box seems to be the favorite and they will stand and fuss at the hen occupying the box to hurry up and vacate.

Kitty laying an egg
One day the girls will quit laying eggs and we'll have to decide if we want to add to the flock or just enjoy the six of them without benefit of fresh eggs. I will admit to having chick lust when I go to the hardware store and see the bins of babies, but six is enough for now. And I'll have a better handle on having three more empty nests. At least you can legally buy baby chicks!

The chicken came first, then the egg