Saturday, July 16, 2011

6 hens, 3 nesting boxes and everyone wants the top box

When we were getting ready for our first egg there was a debate about how many nesting boxes they needed. I thought they should each have their own, Will said two. Our first attempt was using two soda crates filled with pine shavings....they didn't seem to like being exposed and didn't even "practice" sitting in them. On to plan B....

We had an old entertainment center that Will made and were taking it apart for disposal. One of the shelves had 3 sections and we decided to stand it on end and have 3 boxes that had sides and tops. Lots of privacy. Once in place and filled with shavings they started getting in and checking them out. We added a few golf balls to each box to give them a hint and just waited for the first egg. Fanny laid the first egg and Emma was the last to start.

In the almost year since we got the first egg I've never seen more than one in a box at the time. The top box is the prime real estate but we usually find eggs in the top and middle boxes, rarely in the bottom one. This morning I went out for a visit and to let them out in their yard, only to discover there was a little struggle for the top box. (I made 3 videos but for some reason part 1 can only be sent to a bluetooth enabled device.....of which my laptop is not)

PART 2 (Emma and Fanny want Kitty to hurry up)

PART 3 (Kitty has company and Fanny feels left out)

So that's how I amuse myself on a Saturday morning :0)