Friday, September 16, 2011

It never gets old

 Today is the first fall-like day of September. I can sit on my back porch and see the girls as they go about their daily routine of scratching in the dirt, quarreling over the favorite nesting box... all the other chicken stuff they need to take care of. All this while making all the sounds that we have come to find so calming and peaceful (well, except the squawking that goes on when an egg is laid- that's just funny!).

I would go out and sit with them while I drink my coffee, but I've learned that anything that could possible hold food is a target. While I love 'em, I don't want to drink after them. The first to check out the coffee mug was Kitty (it's always Kitty who seems to go first):

(Kitty in her prehistoric raptor stage)

We also never take food out with us that we intend to eat. It doesn't work out so well for us. Kitty (yes, her again) once took a pop tart out of some one's hand and ran with it. Wish I'd had my camera because her running around with a whole pop tart hanging out her beak was hilarious! The look on the (human) chick's face was pretty priceless too. Not to mention the other girls trying to get their fair share.

Their days are much the same day in, day out. Kinda like, home, read, wash, fight the dogs for bed space, keep up with the the old and infirm folks I inherited from my mom. Every so often we get a treat- maybe a pop tart, maybe a surprise visit from the boy on my birthday- but for the most part one day bleeds into the next. And that's ok. There are worse things than being content with the life you have.