Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Eggs in one day.......

This morning the egg laying started early. At 6:35am Lydia took off for the nesting boxes and settled herself in. When I got home in the afternoon and went out to check in with them Harriet was in a box....when she hopped off there were 4 eggs: two green and two brown. Bummer, I was hoping today would be a 5 egg day. I can tell who laid which egg and today was Kitty's day off evidently. I settled to read and after a few minutes I noticed that Kitty wasn't out grazing in the yard. Upon investigation I found her in a box. Guess today was a 5-egger!!!!!

Clockwise, starting top left: Fanny, Kitty, Elinor, Lydia and Harriet's eggs.