Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicken gifts

The girls have been chugging right along laying eggs despite snow, ice, cold and short daylight hours. We have even given a few dozen eggs away. Going out to collect eggs each day still makes me happy- I love finding them just laid when they are still warm. I put them in a bowl on the counter and look at them for awhile.

The girls have also given friends and family a reason to start looking for cool chicken-themed gifts. I suppose at some point (maybe when the chickens outnumber the camels) I may have to ask for a time-out.....but not yet!

Speaking of camels, my brother made this sign for me to hang out by the chickens. And yes, I'm sure the double entendre is deliberate!

 My friend Amy created this original piece of art for me. It's hanging in my kitchen and makes me grin every time I look at it. Thanks friend!

Amy, Richard and Haley also supplied the chicken planter, which I have filled with eggs (blown out and rinsed well).

And just yesterday I found this in my mailbox:

It came from Bearta and at first I thought the egg was it......

But look, it opens and reveals earrings.....
Chicken earrings!

Check out the deviled egg at the bottom. Too cute. Thanks Bearta!