Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now we have color!

Fanny and Kitty have been plugging along, laying their little brown eggs. Elinor was next in line to start laying, but she didn't seem to be in any hurry. Harriet, Emma and Lydia were not expected to start until at lest 24 weeks (which is 10/30). Imagine our delight to find an egg from Fanny and a little speckled brown egg that must have come from Elinor and a green egg that we decided, after comparing the color of their combs, came from Harriet. Lydia's comb was pretty red also so we expected to see one from her soon. Kitty took the day off, but still.....3 eggs at one time!!!!!

The little speckled egg to the left of  the big green egg is
Elinor's. Eggs look bigger in green, don't they?

We were very proud of our little hens and were sure Lydia would be participating soon....little did we know last night that she already was! Will went out this morning to check on the girls and see if they needed anything and I asked him to add some bedding to the nest boxes. Guess what he found hiding in the corner- yep, another green egg. So now we don't know who laid which green egg- but so what! Yesterday for the first time ever we got 4 eggs and 3 were from first time layers.

Here are our first green eggs. Emma is lighter than Lydia and Harriet, so maybe she will lay blue eggs.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Kitty's first egg is the lighter one on the left, the brown egg is Fanny's 19th!

When Fanny laid her first egg it was light brown and very small. As time has passed (and she has been the only one laying) the eggs have gotten darker in color and gradually increasing in size. First time out Kitty lays an egg that is longer than Fanny's but not as big around. Go figure! At least two of the three comets are participating. Elinor can't be far behind- except that's what I've been saying for three weeks since Fanny laid the first one.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who invited a rabbit to our hen party?

My son has a new pet, a lionhead rabbit named Dorian who is about 12 weeks old now. Seemed like a good idea to introduce her to the girls and let her play- she can play in a secure area, dig in the dirt, nibble grass....just never thought the chickens would have an issue with her.

I have a cute picture of Elinor and Dorian, just before Elinor pecked at her (trust me, she had reason), but blogger has changed how I upload photos and I can't do it right now. Bummer......

10/6/10  Let's try this again!

The girls are not happy with Dorian being in their run- looks like they are working up the nerve to run her off!

Elinor and Dorian have a stare down. Dorian won.

Kitty is trying to be brave, but running jumping rabbits are nerve racking!